Strictly Entertaining

The End of the Line – A Wild West Show

Join Swords and Roses Entertainment for a four-person (male/female) wild-west themed show. The town of Line is about to go bankrupt thanks to a local bandit who regularly steals the payroll. Now the sheriff, schoolmarm and local barkeep will do what they must to stay afloat, but nothing is exactly what it seems. Secrets abound in this high-action show featuring hand-to-hand, mop-to-broom and scarf-to-bandit fight choreography.

Pirate vs. Ninja

The Captain and First Mate address the old feud between pirates and ninjas. This show is perfect for Pirate Festivals and Sci-Fi Conventions (and anywhere else that pirates and ninjas might gather).

Trouble in Tortuga

Join the ladies of Swords and Roses in our premier three person show. Two captains are vying for one amazing treasure and the favor of the Pirate Queen. Little do they know, that their first mate is playing both sides. How long will she keep her two captains in the dark? Book this show to find out.