Novelty Shows

The Cavern of the Elements

Our guide will take our audience on an adventure through a magical cavern. The audience will choose which cave they will enter first and how to deal with each challenge that they will encounter in all four caves. In order to succeed in the adventure the audience must visit all four caves in the cavern. Will they work together? Will they make the right choices? Will they survive in…The Cavern of the Elements! (Choose Your Own Adventure meets Escape Room puzzles meets Dungeons and Dragons Jr.)

Hero for Hire!

Learn stage combat from professional fight choreographers! At Super Hero Academy, you will learn how to look good and still be safe while fighting in epic story lines.  If you have been dazzled by summer super hero blockbusters or if you have ever dreamed of being part of the Justice League, the Avengers, or the Xavier Institute… Super Hero Academy is for you!

Science of Swashbuckling

Travel through time and space as two lady time travelers look for history’s greatest treasure and discover some cool science facts. Put together the clues and help the ladies with their search. Along the way the rivals will cross swords with famous lady warriors from Joan of Arc to Grace O’Malley. Broadsword, rapier, and even lightsaber fights are featured in this high action show with a science and science fiction theme.

A Pirate Christmas Carol

Because everyone loves a Christmas show. In this fun, and entertaining holiday show, it’s not the Grinch who will steal Christmas it’s these two feisty pirates.

The End of the Line – A Wild West Show

Join Swords and Roses Entertainment for a four-person (male/female) wild-west themed show. The town of Line is about to go bankrupt thanks to a local bandit who regularly steals the payroll. Now the sheriff, schoolmarm and local barkeep will do what they must to stay afloat, but nothing is exactly what it seems. Secrets abound in this high-action show featuring hand-to-hand, mop-to-broom and scarf-to-bandit fight choreography.