Educational Shows

The Cavern of the Elements

Our guide will take our audience on an adventure through a magical cavern. The audience will choose which cave they will enter first and how to deal with each challenge that they will encounter in all four caves. In order to succeed in the adventure the audience must visit all four caves in the cavern. Will they work together? Will they make the right choices? Will they survive in…The Cavern of the Elements! (Choose Your Own Adventure meets Escape Room puzzles meets Dungeons and Dragons Jr.)

Library Ninjas: An Adventure in Non-Fiction

Ninja Masters train the audience how to be ninjas and then divide the audience up to encounter clues within the stacks of Non-Fiction. A great introduction to non-fiction books and the treasures they contain.

Go for the Gold

It’s time for the Gold Coast Olympics, and the ladies Swords and Roses have been chosen to represent the Pirate Queen in the games. The honor of ALL lady pirates is on the line. There’s only one problem, the first mate is out of shape from too much shore leave and TreasureBox360. The audience helps the first mate use her video game obsession get back into fighting form by making healthy choices for mind and body. Can the first mate learn healthy eating, good exercise, and a positive attitude in time to be a contender in time?

Dead Men Do Tell Tales

Some of the most famous pirates of all time are gathering to celebrate the Pirate Queen’s birthday and all that attend will get to hear their tales.

In Search of Buried Treasure

The Captain and the First Mate have a new treasure map that will lead them to “The Greatest Treasure in the World!” In order to find this treasure, they enlist their crew’s help to build a ship and find the treasure. Audiences will help the pirate ladies solve the clues on the map to find the treasure, but not before a mutiny breaks out. After all, what’s a pirate show without a few sword fights? Interactive and educational with swashbuckling silliness.

Ship of Dreams

What might that be sailing on the horizon? Young scallywags will learn the ropes of being on board a pirate ship and what they might have seen.

From Cabin Boy to Captain

The Captain of the Wild Side needs a crew before she can set sail. Young scallywags learn the different roles on a pirate ship.

The Art of Swashbuckling

Young pirates, padawans or prince (princess) of thieves will learn the process of what makes up the stage choreography that they see in their favorite sword swinging movies.

The Evolution of the Sword

Where did the sword come from? How were they designed? Why are there so many different kinds of swords?
Not everyone can be as lucky as King Arthur, who found a sword in the stone. This addresses the history of the sword and its many uses.
This show is the perfect presentation for scouting events or ceremonies.

From Pirate to Princess

Learn about the customs and clothing of the Renaissance era as we transform volunteers from peasants into princesses. This show is great for birthday parties, scout events, Renaissance reenactments, and Madrigal Banquets.

Paws Off Me Treasure

Solve the mystery with the ladies of Swords and Roses and learn about animals. Follow the ladies on their search for the Captain’s treasured best friend in the whole world….Barnacle the Bunny. He’s been kidnapped and only the audience’s knowledge about animals and their keen observational skills can save the day.